About Us

Residencial Santa Rita was inaugurated in 1991 and is located between the center of the municipality of Matinhos and the seaside resort of caiobá.

Since 1991 we have acquired a good clientele who always return and who indicate to their acquaintances with a good reference of our accommodation and our service. As a result, we acquired long-time clients and several locations in Brazil.

We have several accommodation options starting with 4 people up to 8 people, all accommodations have parking space.


Curitiba: 111 km
Ponta Grossa: 235 km
Guarapuava: 377 km
Londrina: 510 km
Maringá: 546 km
Cascavel: 618 km
Foz do Iguaçu: 755 km


Matinhos is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Paraná. Its estimated population in 2004 was 30,781 inhabitants. It has 36 seaside resorts, starting in the seaside resort of Monções, where it borders the municipality of Pontal do Paraná, and goes to the famous seaside resort of Caiobá, where it makes the border with Guaratuba.


The landscape of the Municipality of Matinhos is diverse, comprising part of the Serra da Prata mountainous massif and wide areas of the coastal plain of Praia de Leste. Each set presents its own characteristics from the geographic, geological and natural resources point of view, renewable and non-renewable.